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Raids, pet combat and more..

Views 54 Posts 1 - Fri 22/06/2018 21:52:13

Hey guys -

As some of you might know who stay tuned in on our discord I have spent the last week making a raid manager and raid system in order to implement our first raid Colossus Cove..

Please see video of me completing a solo run in just guthans:

I have also added a pet combat system where all pets will be able to fight in combat, gain experience and level up to learn new spells!

As always I have been fixing bugs along the road and I can now say after I've added the next raid and some more tasks and of course done the rest of the basic bug fixes, we are finally ready for launch!

Thanks for reading, Mod Sam.

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Last Post By Mod Sam On Fri 22/06/2018 21:52:13

New forum style

Views 71 Posts 1 - Mon 04/06/2018 08:05:44

Hi all, just thought I'd keep you informed for those of you using the old forum template / style you should go to the bottom of the page on the forums and select the default SurviveRS style this is much better to navigate.

Thanks, regards, Mod Sam.

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Last Post By Mod Sam On Mon 04/06/2018 08:05:44

Beautiful New Launch Page..

Views 56 Posts 2 - Sun 03/06/2018 13:27:31

Hi guys, I hope you like our new Launch Page!

The news feed now loads directly from the Forum!
There is a Discord widget to the right aswell as the Daily Visitors and Online list link.
You will also notice the top 15 (Mixed Difficulty) Characters There!

Credits 70% To Dani For the Design..
Rest of the Credits to me for implementing the Forum and Game database, aswell as other tweaks.

Many thanks Dani =)

Kind regards, Mod Sam.

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Last Post By Mod Dani On Sun 03/06/2018 18:57:39

Exciting up coming updates!

Views 200 Posts 3 - Tue 13/02/2018 11:27:01

Good morning all!

Just wanting to keep you all informed on the progress and plans for the up coming updates for this week..

First of all once I've altered the Lumbridge tasks to suit and added a few more on into the lead up to the more advanced tasks at Varrock.

Those of you on discord will already know I have added quite a few new items to the game including but not limited to: Dragon Platebody, Dragon Kite shield and Granite Hammer. (All rare drops from boss: Zombies Champion).

All PvP armour and weapons, Chaotic Weaponry, all Nex armour sets including Torva.

Currently the above are not obtainable until I get some more advanced tasks which will unlock the ability to find said items.

I will be making it so the teleport hot keys have to be unlocked by tasks / activities ..

Obviously I'll be fixing the last remaining bugs that we've ironed out over the beta test as well as all your suggestions!

I hope this helps give some insight :)

Be sure to hop on to discord I post a lot of media on there!

Thanks for reading.

Kind regards, Sam.

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Last Post By Doctor dabs On Tue 13/02/2018 12:56:04

Official Launch.

Views 170 Posts 8 - Wed 31/01/2018 18:05:06

Just a little informative thread in regards to beta ending. Beta will end late evening GMT.

So for anyone expected to wake up to a new SurviveRSxDsorry.

The official launch will be at around 11:00PM gmt tomorrow.

Kind regards, Sam.

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Last Post By Mod Sam On Thu 08/02/2018 07:43:52

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