Welcome to SurviveRS!

Written by Ultrixx

What is SurviveRS?

Well originally I was building SurviveRS as a solely survival based private server.
With a lot of task driven content, minigames, base building, etc..
But I have decided to opt for a different route as pure Survival / Zombie Survival servers are not all that popular.
With that being said I have decided to alter the source and idea of the server, while still keeping a lot of the old content and the difficulty of the server.
When I say difficulty, I do mean it will be a hard server when starting off but with that also being said I will let you know there will be 3 difficulty settings, with more rewards but less experience per hit / log / etc.. for harder difficulties.

So.. What I have so far is a complex survival based server with Scavenging items with a whole range of loot from food to epic weaponry depending on your luck (Which will also change with difficulty and ring of wealth, etc..)
You can also find keys from the surrounding Undead, I haven't mentioned already but SurviveRS is currently based in a post-apocolyptic Varrock which is riddled with undead which range in levels and type(Rangers, mages, etc..).
Ofcourse this would make skilling in comfort a bit difficult so as part of the change I plan to reduce the number of undead spawned in the game while also adding a line of tasks that do not include combat.

The keys that you find can be used to unlock chests found dotted around Varrock, you can also attempt to use a lockpick on these but having a good chance to open requires atleast 80 thieving, Could always get lucky though huh?
When you start your game you arrive with little gear and food with the Task-Master or Evil Bob to talk to. The task master will offer you tasks that require combat and give rewards based on that while Bob will give you Skiller and Scavenging based tasks and will reward accordingly.
I plan on adding many new bosses as well as bringing back some of the old school rs content mixed with survival.
I am unsure whether to add a Hunger and Thirst based system as this may be over kill on the difficulty. I also plan on adding plenty of custom and osrs Mini-Games into the server to keep content and playing fun.

You can already gain pets from bosses / skilling, I am planning on adding a vast array of Shops to the home area.
We already have tonnes of fun content including training on Dummys with random rewards (Sounds dumb :p) and Loyalty based rewards (For game time).
So that's about it for now folks, I hope you've enjoyed the read and I'll keep you posted!
I am planning on launching a beta trial but am unsure on whether to keep this closed or not, let me know if you're interested!

Thanks & look down for media!
~ Sam.


Scavenged container depletion
Live Grave Timer
Grave Looting
Chest Depletion
Combat system
Energy Depletion
Energy Restoration
Dummys with rewards
Loyalty system
Voting system

Survival Tasks
Skiller Tasks
Loot Bag
Shops @ Home

Zombie Aggression
World Zombie Spawning
Thieving Stalls
Safe Timer for NPCs

Difficulty level
Survival points store